Hammocks and bean bags

Bean bag chairs and hammocks

In this tutty-fruity new age of home decor, how long can one stick with couches and beds, especially when the best of both worlds is rapping at the door eagerly? Your lowly flabbergasted reaction is justified, not a lot of people appreciate these underrated jewels of home furnishing- Bean-bag chairs and Hammocks.


Remember that feeling when you came home from a tiring day at the office and laid your head back, sinking into the sofa but it just doesn’t cut it? Everyone does, but what only a few are smart enough to do is give bean-bag chairs a try. For a price fractional to couches, these godsend hunks of fluffy awesomeness let you drown in them, embracing you in comfort that only total conformity can provide. In addition to being excessively comfortable and relatively cheap, they also have the added advantage of being light and easy to shift or transport.

So let go of worries and get one that you really like, in a shape that appeals to you and color that entices you; after all, you can easily take it anywhere you move. The days of fighting for space on the couch and compromising with your posture by fidgeting with cushions is over, for your own throne awaits!


Hammocks are one of those things people usually associate with an exotic holiday, white sand beaches and hippie music in the background. However, they are pretty darn comfortable in the familiarity of your bedroom as well. The suspended form of bedding wraps around you in a cocoon that no discomfort can breach, and in its warmth, the morning looks ever so pleasing as the Caribbean sunrise.

But even if regular use of hammocks is something that you feel you aren’t ready for, its still a must have for hosting surprise guests! Just roll it up and tuck it away as your guest bids farewell, thanking you for the comfortable stay.

With the advent of the modern Indian youth that questions fundamental prevalent norms in its everyday life, questioning the constraints of traditional furniture was inevitable. To that effect, both these products are now widely available in many variants to suit your need, almost tailored to your requirements. Check them out today, they may very well be an addition to your Homigo home, that you need!

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