Bridging the gap between roommates

Bridging the gap among flatmates

A flatmate may not necessarily be someone you share your life with but it should be someone dependable enough to bring you a tub of ice cream after a break up or a new cigarette pack when you run out of them. If they are your friends or acquaintances, it eases things along the way but balance of probability gets you strangers and you might find yourself needing to take some definitive approaches to bridge the gap.

As easy as it may be to gel with someone who shares the same love for music, cohesive mindsets should not always be expected from a stranger. Your flatmate may not be your best friend but should always be treated as a friend. . He doesn’t have to star in your social media escapades, but his cooperation against hogging the wi-fi would do everyone good!

Taking initiatives
Living with a flatmate means you will literally be running a household together, volunteering to do the dishes once in a while when your friend is stuck at work, buys you the brownie points as well as earning favours from your flatmates.

Giving space
You may be sharing an apartment together but that does not mean you are not entitled to a private space to laugh and cry to yourself while watching your favourite movie. Always be aware of when your presence is wanted and when undesirable during private phone conversations.

Be the SOS button
Being the help button for your flatmates is a definite way of bonding, be it making excuses when the boss calls to answering his/her parent’s call.

Occasional outings
Going for an occasional round of drinks in the weekend or to catch a movie always helps to get the ball rolling as well as giving yourself a break from your partner and friends circle.

Cooking together
Being bachelors or bachelorettes means you will probably prefer ordering over cooking but trying out a new recipe over the weekend on an impulsive whim with your flatmate helps to melt the ice. Baking helps a lot but don’t put too much hope on the output.

Lazying around
Your flatmate can prove to be the ultimate laze partner if you have a few things in common. Even if you don’t, there are some obvious common points everyone shares. Movie marathons at nights coupled with pizza parties can be the absolute way of bonding without a care in the world.

Be clear about being clear
Building an ice wall against your flatmates doesn’t serve much of a purpose when you are trying to live with them. Being open and easily approachable bridges the communication barrier. A Whatsapp group will give everyone the platform to express themselves evenly on the dinner menu being considered.

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