Getting over a breakup

Helping a roommate get over a breakup

Breakups in life are as real as any scoffing from your boss. You or your roommate are bound to come across to it in some phase of your life. Having a supportive person in the room can help ease the process even if you are a passive person who doesn’t exactly know how to console another fellow human being.

Your position as a roommate need not always mean a close friendship thus your living partner may not be very open to sharing his or her heart aches with you. Nevertheless you can still pacify him/her by trying to do mundane things like cleaning and cooking together just to get the mind away from pondering over woeful thoughts.

Heartbreaks essentially stand for rejection from another human being. Hard as it may be to face this rejection, it is even harder for us to realize that we have been rejected for a core element of our personality and that it is impossible for us to change this personality. While there are little words of wisdom you can share with your roommate to make him or her feel elevated, you can try persuading them to get out of their room and break the monotony of drinks, blue music and sad movies.

It must always be understood that you are not supposed to enquire for details until your roommates indulges you in some. There is always a tendency for the heartbroken to keep towing the sunken boat and you as a bystander of the process need not always show empathy, especially when it is done at 3pm on Friday nights. It is up to you to decide how far you wish to listen to your living partner’s broken heart woes. At the end of the day, you can only be a good friend who makes sure he or she has his meals on time and doesn’t miss work for long. While there are always varied reactions to a breakup, simple assurances of being there as a roommate to cook dinner for a while and to allow them to grieve in the privacy of their room is an assurance that can help many a tumultuous heart.

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