Workout beyond a gym

Workouts beyond a gym

If you are not a health freak who loves to stay in shape then chances are you consider a gym membership a luxury and a means of lessening your time on the Playstation. But thoughts of fattening strikes all and it is then that we seek alternatives to workouts inside a gym. While the conventional exercises at home work for some and under-motivate others, you can always try activities outside as long as staying fit remains your agenda over puffed muscles and sleek waist lines.


You don’t necessarily need to be an athlete to run a few miles a day. Adjust yourself to a comfortable pace and plug those headphones in. Finding a running buddy may help your to do it more routinely but don’t give yourself a slack when he or she drops a day. You will be surprised at how effective running as an activity helps you in keeping fit.


If consistent physical exercises do not excite you enough to step out and stretch a few muscles, then you can try joining a community service for those added activities on weekends. Be it a volunteer service at an old age home or an animal shelter; pick an organization whose cause you believe in. The extra activity may not result in large scale calorie burning but the extra mental and physical activity outside your apartment is sure to keep you healthier.


If you are looking for a calorie burning activity without stepping outside your apartment then the best approach is to simply clean your apartment. Forgo the vacuum cleaner, do it the conventional way; get a mop and squat down. The result will be reduced tummy fat and a shiny apartment you will take pride in. For a person who hates to step out on weekends, this is the perfect solution to wipe away nasty backaches. Put your music to the loudest and happy cleaning!


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