Decor for rented apartment

Decor for rented apartments

It might be hard to abide by your landlords contract when your inner Jackson Pollock is just waiting to get out and turn your Homigo home into your very own sacred abode. However, it is possible to make major changes to your décor without it having any permanent effects on the household, and we’re here to tell you exactly how to do that!

Wall of Imagination
Ever been inspired by the rooms that you see in movies with crazy, personalized art all over them? You’re not alone but there’s no way you can paint on the wall because let’s admit it, it would cost you a fortune to paint over it when another individual with his own vision shifts in. So a much easier way would be to stick black chart papers all over the wall and write on them with colored chalk. It sounds a bit weird, but hey think about it, you can keep re-writing on the chart paper, it won’t damage any of your walls and whenever you’re inspired or frustrated and just want to scribble, you have a huge canvas right in front of you! It’ll be off the hook.


Bless this home
One of the most awe-worthy things about churches (from a décor point of view) are their beautiful, stained glass windows. The whole environment of a space can be changed with this design feature. All you have to do is make your pattern on a sheet of paper, stick it on the back side of the window and use glass paints from the other side. Once your paint job is completed, you can take off the paper and ta-da! There you have your very own stained glass window to add an intriguing look to your home. The best part is of course that since they are glass paints, they can always be peeled off or washed away with water and soap at any time!


Tape? Tape.
Nails are the back bone of civilization. Everything is built with the help of, or hung on these small metal miracles. However, it can be rather annoying to hammer these in to hang up your favourite pictures. It leaves a mark when you take it down and sometimes it can cause cracks in your perfect wall. The best method to avoid all of this hassle is to, yes you guessed it, use tape. Take your picture out of the Rs. 500 frame you bought and stick it on your wall with velvet tape all around it. Not only will you save money by not buying a billion frames for all your pictures, you also don’t have to worry about any nail related issues!


There are a billion ways to make your rental home into your very own personal space to show off your inner creativity, all you have to do is find an efficient way to do so without damaging any property. It’s easier than you think, believe me! Now that you have a few ideas on where to start, there’s no stopping you from discovering your inner Picasso!


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