Christmas party planning guide

Planning the jingle for your christmas

Christmas comes with its funny decorations of Santa, snow man and elves. While replicating those flashy posts on Pinterest can be bone breaking on a miser Christmas holiday, doing a few easy decorations can ramp up your house in an hour for your party with friends and colleagues. The key to doing a fabulous Christmas décor lies not engulfing your apartment in with Christmas lights but creating selective centre pieces to be placed all around.


Throwing a party can’t be a one man job if you intend to go beyond the usual grind of biriyani and beer. Divide the work amongst roommates. While some maybe handy with paper and scissor others will know where to place the light. Locate a few centre pieces which you intend to decorate. The bigger and unusual they are, the better it is. The main door of your apartment can easily be transformed to Santa’s warm brimming face for welcoming your guests with a few paper cut-outs of eyes, moustache and Santa’s red cap. The same can be done with your refrigerator in the kitchen. Remove the fridge magnets and endless sticky notes reminder and transform your refrigerator to a Snowman with carrot nose and a muffler cutout.


Christmas is never complete without a Christmas tree. You may save up on the flashy shimmery decors available in the market with your DIY but a tree is a must. You don’t have to be Monica perfect for decorating the tree but doing it with your roommates over beer is a sure bonding time. Apart from the usual tree staple decorations like popcorn garland and toffee hangings, you can make origami Christmas tree. They are simple and look great for their 3D effect. Salt dough tree hangings made with equal amounts of salt and flour can give that added personal touch when you have a fun time shaping them with your roommates.


Windows are often underplayed when it comes to party decors but they are easily done as it is only two dimensional. Use your coffee filter cups to fold them into cones and create perfect hexagonal snowflakes. Cover your balcony and hall window panes in them to catch the mesmerizing shapes of snowflakes. There are several templates available online.


With the remaining space available, allow your roommates to go gaga over Christmas lights while you turn the rest of the apartment in green and red. When the party starts, look out for Santa making a probable stopover at your party!


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