Childhood memories at home

Your childhood in your home

There was never enough space for them in your parent’s place. Considered as litter by most, only you prized them as your greatest jewels. Your toys were more than distractions; they were bought alive by your imagination. You grew your world around them. So why give them a pass when you build your world in the real world. Give your Lego set its desired respect on your mantle. Displaying them to its full glory only goes to show how amazing your childhood was. Your parents may have saved a few pieces after you left home for college, hurry back and collect them. Savour those delicious slices from childhood in your decor.


Your toys were your biggest consolation and strength so relish a few in your adult world. Let Barbie’s smiling face sit pretty on top of your books on the bedside table. Incorporating your childhood toys gives your décor a personal touch compared to store bought show pieces. Needless to say using your G.I Joe as book ends is a more intimate way of thanking them for making your childhood great. Don’t be scared or shy to display them.


We have all had that special collection which was checked upon every night and always kept away from preying eyes of cousins. Now that we have all grown don’t think any of your siblings or cousins would request for a piece of your prestigious Hot Wheels collection. Your pride can now be smartly displayed in a glassed case for your living room. If you are not much of a lover for painting, don’t hang one. Frame your tediously put together 500 piece jigsaw puzzle and give it its due respect on your wall, not stacked on top of a shelf.


A toy as décor is a smart and witty way of showing your love for your cars or Barbie dolls to the world. It is sure to get conversations started at parties and make your company jealous for not having taken better care of their favourite toys. The only irk to displaying your toys will be the dilemma you face when your 3 year old niece or nephew asks for the caterpillar miniature from your 100 plus designed eraser collection. My advice for such social dark days is to pretend you lost the key to the glass cabinet!


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