Home decor with books

Decor with books

If you’re an avid reader, then your luggage was probably stacked with more books than clothes while moving away from home. These flimsy, bound-paper wonders, connect with you far deeply than humans that leaving them back or carrying e-versions in your Kindle was just not an option. You may have flown them across the nation to never be separated but scarcity of space in your apartment plays the villain in your love story. So what turn does the hero’s journey take now?

You might fall prey to stacking them in dark dungeons of your suitcase or under your bed. But we have a better proposition; display. Display them to their full glory and shout out your love for your books to the world. Living in a rented place with roomies would mean less space in the living room display cabinets and maybe no construction policy on part of the owner, but we have a few hacks to solve your dilemma.


Use bookends
Bookends are a great way of stylizing your book display. Depending on your taste, you can go for quirky or classy bookends. They not only make your books stand tall and mighty but also say heaps of your taste and preferences.

Use a ladder
You may not want to invest on a display cabinet while living in a rented place despite having space in your apartment, in that case spend a few bucks on a wooden ladder. Stack the stairs with books while occasionally alternating with decorative items.

Pile them up
Living alone means your mother is no longer around to scold you for scattered books so that gives you the freedom of displaying them in piles. Place them against the wall. Add a feel of class by place a plant on top of the pile. If you plan on making multiple piles then place toys. Remember to balance the decorative items with books, to reflect your unique and abstract self in this architectural endeavour.

Hang them
Magazines and smalls books can be hard to store or display, given their size. A clever way of stacking them is hanging them using a rope. Your room is bound to have a few hooks. Remove the wall clock if needed; replace it with your rope rung and hang them wild and free like your spirit.

Your imagination is the limit! Now go and get your loyal friends some premium accommodation like your own.


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