Food Storage Guide | Entourage


Living alone often sounds the knell for your eating pattern for you will no longer have a loving mother to plate your food three times a day. It is under such living conditions that you feed yourself on hunger basis and not from a routine. While this practice often leads to excess or scarcity of food, it usually leads to wastage most of the time. While more food in the fridge is a healthy sign for your restaurant expenditure savings not knowing how to preserve it might eventually lead to wastage.

The best way to avoid wastage of food is to have regular checks of your pantry before you step out for shopping. Fruits are highly perishable items making them a difficult item to stock on. It is always advisable to buy them in small quantities and ensure they are eaten as soon as possible. While vegetables may have a longer refrigerated life, they too can go bad after two weeks. The best option is to eat anything that has been lying in your fridge or pantry for too long.

While we may consider our fridges to be the ultimate granter of eternal life for our curries and pizza, eating them within a week is a healthier option. Set a mental reminder that you will not buy or cook unless you finish the remaining ones in your fridge, no matter how salt-less the pasta tastes. You can always give the food a light stir on your stove and add the remaining spices.

Getting creative with leftover food is possibly the best way of creating your versions of famous recipes. Keep a few favourite spices at hand you can add your personal touch to the leftover naan by making it into a spice potato filled bread. Yummly is an interesting website that spins off clever recipes from leftover articles with a few added ingredients.

In a world where millions starve, making a conscious effort to stop food wastage is both creative and economical. Don’t let the milk turn sour, even if it does, boil it to make cottage cheese for your sandwich. Lightly boiling your rice for a second round after it turns grainy in the fridge does not mean you are having spoilt food. You are just making an effort to eat it differently with fried veggies.

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