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Finding escapades in work trips

While work trips may take you to exotic countries and some of the more hot and happening cities of the world, most often your tedious work schedules leave you with little or no time for exploration. While you will be at beck and call of work meetings and seminars, here are a few travel tips so that you return home with more than just a fancy stamp on your passport.


Travelling for work essentially means you will be alone. This lone time is best utilized for exploring yourself as well as the city, if not soul searching. If there are long lay-overs between flights then a little investment on a transit visa goes a long way.


Using your phone GPS to move around the city may be a good option when running late to work but at leisure times, use a travel map. It may be more confusing than your GPS but it will force you to interact with locals in the street. If you chance upon a humble pedestrian feel free to take his advice and visit the local pub he recommended.


Getting to know the food is half your exploration done. When you have a little time in hand during lunch, choose an eat-out away from office so as to get to know a new place. A new place for each meal is sure to reap great experiences for you.


A guaranteed means of coming across newer experience in an unknown culture is walking, so put on your walking shoes and explore the city in them. If you want to feel the raw energy of the city then aim for city squares and parks. That is where you feel the true pulse of the city.


Your work trip may essentially restrict you to a city and debar you from tourist attractions listed on Google pages, but getting to know a city and its people is sure to be more rewarding. Under the time and energy constraint,you might want to invest in experiences rather than selfies. So go one now, and climb up your ladder of wisdom right alongside the rungs of success when you go on work trips.


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