Home decor for beginners

Impersonating your home decor

Newsstands are flooded with home décor magazines with few of them crafted for a bachelor/ bachelorette. They contain flashy articles with streamlined thoughts to be used as per decided by editors sitting in a distant land and space. When you are a bachelor, it is possible that this is the first time you are independently paying for the roof above your head, so why listen to the jurisdiction of the décor industry? Craft your own décor.


Since you will be hosting the place alone, you no longer need to take your parent’s permission before painting on the wall (though landlord’s permit is required when living in a rented place) or complying by your siblings or partner’s design. This is the phase of your life where you finally get to imprint your passion on your home décor, no matter the bizarreness.


You can impersonate your favourite childhood cartoon character on your walls via posters. Hanging your childhood caricatures of them is the ultimate weapon to grab eyeballs in your room. Having a fun lampshade beside your bed for reading or just aesthetics makes great revelations about you. If you are a crazy Star Wars fan, then a lazer sword on your bed stand is a sure weapon of envy.


You can use your décor to be an impersonation of your passion. If you are a lover of art then there are bountiful options for you but if you truly want to give it your name then start creating your own art. There is nothing more placating than moulding your art after a hard day at office. Give it your time and patience. Make this time a weekly episode of self-investment.


Even if you are not much of a creative person, you can always try learning new methods. Try origami for example. As cryptic as it initially may be, start with easy stuff and then progress to more mature models. A fun way of implementing origami in to your décor is with the use of innumerable micro-scale models. Try tiny butterflies on your wall or even the humble paper boat folded from interesting papers makes the cut.


At the end of the day, it is your art and if it pleases you, the metaphysical connection it makes will surpass all pleasure. However, keep in mind, even the greatest minds faced social pelting and so shall you. In case of such an incidence, pacify yourself with the fact; the world is not yet mature enough to understand your style!


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