Smart kitchen investments for all

Kitchen investments

Life of a bachelor/bachelorette away from the comfort of home is never easy. Added to this is the dilemma of plating food three times a day for yourself. It is during moments of extreme exhaustion and mournful revolts from your appetite you realize your mother’s astute dedication towards feeding you at the right moments. There is no genie to magically put food on the table after you come home but there can be a few tiny gadgets to be used in replacement of the genie.


The irony of a flat screen tv never being able to cook Maggi for you hardly reaches people. Thereby abstaining them from investing on kitchens. Escaping the temptations of flashy speakers and investing on kitchen appliances will ensure you cook without breaking a sweat.


Earth’s fossil fuel days are marked which leaves you with little reason to rely on them for cooking. Induction ovens are slowly winning hearts with its portability and fast cooking. While you may have to remodel your cookware to make optimum use of the device, the investment is worth it. Just plug it anywhere and you are ready to go.


A king’s breakfast sets the day for you but most often you will have little or no time to make this important meal. Having a toaster paired with an electric kettle saves time and makes sure you have crispy toast to go with your tea. If you are a coffee addict then there is no reason why a espresso should not don your kitchen counter.


Microwaves are becoming kings of every modern Indian kitchen. Be it warming your stale pizza or coughing up an easy brownie for you. It does it all. Investing on a microwave ensure you cook your food efficiently in a time economic model. If you are oil freak then it’s low oil requirement is sure to make you bid goodbye to oily gas cooking.


You may have been irritated by your mom’s obnoxious mixie but when living away from her, the mixer grinder becomes an easy friend. You can easily whip up a banana smoothie or juice when you are out of time for breakfast and there is an important meeting waiting for you.


There are innumerable appliances available to make life easy in the kitchen for men and women. While some set the tone of the day by brewing a coffee, others can ensure you cook healthily. Even the humble Indian pressure cooker is a keeper when it comes to getting your potatoes and veggies boiled fast. You never bank on investments in kitchen but doing so makes all the difference in your time scavenging lifestyle.


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