Tips for keeping Peace between Roommates | Entourage


When living with roommates, there are multitudes of places where the serene relationship can falter; from the basic positioning of the sofa to who does the dishes on Friday. There will be arguments and discontent. It is almost similar to living with a husband or wife minus the bondage or marriage which means you are entitled to share a relationship of mutual respect and friendliness. But the most important virtue to be practiced when living with a roommate is patience and understanding to get your through these flatting problems.

Having a patient listening is one of the easiest ways of averting arguments over simple things. If you try to interrupt and interpret every single reason given by your roommate for not doing certain chores, then chances are that you will make him or her defensive leading to a shouting match. Instead, listen and deliberate first before you counter.

When having a discussion, it is important to keep in mind that are trying to find a solution and not trying to win an argument. Your days of fighting it out with words in a GD are not applicable to interactions with your roommate. Place both your opinions side by side and try to find a middle way. If you are responsible for certain shortcomings in your housekeeping, be responsible enough to admit it instead of childishly covering it up in the blame game.

Chances are, you share a good friendship with your roommate and would like to maintain it like so. If not, it is easier to live in peace with someone with whom you share amiable terms and not a savage one. So be friendly and considerate without blowing up your temper every time he or she forgets to clear the bathroom bin along with the kitchen garbage.

Being human means it is not always possible to keep your temper in your rein, when tempers do fly high, give yourself a cooling period away from your roommate. Keep calm and analyse the situation and then try truce with his or her favourite pizza. No one can deny food in the form of a white flag not matter how big or bloody the fight was.

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