Food enhancement tricks and tips

Making food edible

Cooking daily when living alone can be hard for your procrastinating genes and taste buds. There will be a dismantled ratio of the number of days you turn up with something edible versus the days your cooking skills fail you. By the time you realize the outcome of your effort has resulted in something far beneath your gastronomical standards it will probably deep into the night or past lunch hours of your closest restaurant. However for such days when your cooked food does not match up to your taste level then there are a few small hacks to make them bearable for your taste buds and to satisfy your appetite.


Wrapping or rolling a certain tasteless curry with a few added condiments like cucumber, tomatoes and some spicy sauce may actually give you the pride in having made a homemade version of a Subway wrap with the bland curry veggies.


You could also try a sandwich which is the universal format of putting in anything and everything between two pieces of bread and having it with utmost zeal and vigour. No food can ever taste bad when placed between bread. Spice it with cheese or ham or bacon and you are good to go for the day even if the filling did not turn up as you craved for.


Your bottle of tomato ketchup can act us a saviour for days when your girlfriend or boyfriend concocts an unpalatable meal, eating which can turn out to be a dare in itself. The humble ketchup can make the swallowing and forceful smiling easier. Stock up on different variety of ketchup’s for such may days.


Cooking a supremely delicious meal with the perfect balance of salt and sugar may not be everyone’s ball game but using a simple hack like spreading spicy mayo on your burnt roti can make every bite tasty. If all fails and you are still not confident with your output then maybe you could review the recipe and go for easier methods and lesser ingredients.


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