Traditionalising your mini bar

Traditionalizing your mini bar

How you serve your guests the sherry is probably the best way of voicing your style. While shiny glassware with intricate stems maybe the talk of the hour yet turning back to your vintage love for jazzing up your mini bar will make you the centre point of your private parties and celebrations.

It is not always expensive booze served in crystal glasses that makes a statement. If you love experimenting with décor then debunking the general classy sheer is sure to pump you up.

Giving your mini bar a traditional look is cheaper than you expect. While getting the accessories from flashy malls or curio shops may be heart breaking for your wallet, raiding a regular brass shop in your locality is sure to give you more economic returns.

Start out with a few centre pieces like vintage pitchers. My personal favourite is an elongated brass pitcher similar to those seen in Arabian nights. A mosaic snack dish for your finger food is an attractive addition.

The most important part of any mini bar is its glasses. It is the first piece your guests come across thus your theme needs to come across best through glasses. Chuck the boring crystal glasses to go for unconventional materials like marble, wood, brass or even nickel. Marble wine or beer glasses are easy to come across in any trade fair. Even steel minakari glasses staple to Rajasthan add a touch of ethnic opulence.

There are several small accessories for a themed mini bar and one of them is wine coolers. For a traditional Indian rustic look, buy a nickel one. The gleam of the nickel texture is sure to vamp up your party. Cork screws too can be an easy way of making a statement. While there are no Indian alternatives for it, you can always opt for a genuine wood handle spring cork screw for a rustic European look.

A thematic mini bar at home is just an excuse to invite people, pop the bubbly and get conversations rolling. Don’t rob yourself of the attention!

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