Nomadic or stable personality

Inherently nomadic or stable and secure

Which lifestyle suits you?

In a city like Bengaluru, the beating heart of India’s independent entrepreneurship eco-system and IT hub; the number of bachelors living and working in time-zone contingent jobs is exponentially increasing. To that effect, a large population of the city is living temporarily, with the possibility of transfers and distant projects constantly tugging at their classy trousers.

A populace leading said lifestyle often find themselves torn between two choices, follow a nomadic lifestyle or try achieving stability even with the constant travelling. The former, even though enticing at first glance, sometimes happens to be unhealthy in the long run. Living and eating out of boxes may make the move easy, but the stay unfulfilling. The latter on the other hand requires a lot of work initially and repeatedly, sometimes getting in the way of other important endeavours and still may not bear fruit. The correct choice? There isn’t one. It falls on the individual to assess his priorities and inclinations and figure out which suits him better.


Studies centered on the Silicon Valley dealt with a similar topic and suggested an abundance of both kinds of individuals. However, the people interviewed about their experiences happened to mention that they believed, had they listened to their initial instinct they would have found their suitable lifestyle way sooner. All in all, its clearly up to the person to find out. The only relevant advice here it would seem, is to not negate that little voice inside your head when it tells you’ve had enough of takeout food and don’t wish to keep your clothes in the suitcase anymore. Make no mistake, establishing your home and spreading roots will not be easy; a liveable house at the least, furnishing, utilities and payments; all shall come charging at the beck and call.


If only there was a way between the two.If only there was a way to be at home, anywhere you need to go.

If only someone would take all these hassles on them, and invite you dearly.

If only you had something exactly like Homigo.

Wait, you do! You have Homigo! Check us out and all you need to do is sign up for the house you love the most. Enjoy perks like moving in when you desire into a fully furnished home with cool flat-mates and free relocation to other cities with Homigo houses (which are rapidly multiplying). No hassles of recurring bills and payments, besides a huge chunk on green saved in the form of brokerage and end-term charges. That’s as good as it gets!

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