Differences in music taste

Roommates with different musical taste

Marriages are made in heaven but roommates are fixed by you with little or no knowledge of the person you will be sharing your rented apartment with. This often leads to occasions when you wish for a better roommate when they forget to do the dishes or blast the speakers when you are on a call. There will be similarities and dissimilarities in your tastes and preferences. Some of them may vary from being a dog person to a cat person to tastes in music. We often judge a person from his taste in music; however, it is best not to let that judgement come in between sharing respecting that.


Firstly, be tolerant towards other’s musical preferences. You might actually learn from variety your roommates bring to the table. Being a metal lover does not mean you can snarl at classic old swing Jazz. On the contrary, lending your ear to a different set of rhythm might actually allow you to discover new music. Nobody likes a person with stale musical tastes.


You can also encourage your roommate to listen to your favourite pieces from time to time. When it’s Friday night and you want to play your music, do not abruptly stop your roommate’s song. Maintain the peace cord and line up your song after his.


Both of you may be lovers of music but hold strong devotional love for certain genre. Maintain your devotion but don’t stop yourself from becoming an experimental listener. Try and dig up new and old genres, you never know when you may stumble upon a band which both of you holds close to heart. Keeping the passion for music alive means you get more to talk over weekends than usual work and girlfriend. Subscribe and read up on music to keep the flame alive.


Music is a language that goes beyond words, while knowing the language may increase the aesthetics minutely; it eventually comes down to feeling it with your heart. Give every type of music a chance, you may not like it but your roommate may, respect his or her’s individuality. Fighting or arguing over the speaker just means you are losing valuable music hearing time.


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