Travel planning and guide

Someone to plan your travel

Planning your travels alone can be hard when you have to squeeze in time between work and meetings but with smart phones the equation has changed and so has the way people are travelling. The heaps of mental checklists can now be relaxed as your phone keeps track. If you are travelling alone then a few fun apps can ease the way for you. Preparedness for your trip is what makes the difference between a rushed, stressful trip and a worry-free vacation but preparedness for a trip does not come easy between meetings and tired work after hours. There is a travelling app for all your requirements during and after your travel. Browse through to answer your lone travelling calls.


Someone to do the packing
Being an adult, the luxury of your mum packing your suitcase is gone and you having never made much of planner can use Packing Pro. This app has its own sample list for you to follow or you can create your own. The listings serve as a reminder when you pack for your trip back home.

Someone to find a place to stay
Living in a lonely room while travelling alone can be cumbersome, AirBnB app finds you a home to live in while travelling. If you are lucky, it might also have another tenant or you may get to live with the home owners as well.

Someone to set the wheels rolling
While travelling alone, you will be fighting the expense of travelling, BlaBla cars helps you find verified strangers heading in the same direction thus allowing you to share the cost and luxury of a rented car.

Someone to guide you to food
Finding a new place to eat can be exhilarating when travelling alone. Zomato and Foursquare gives you ideas of nearby places to eat while providing a brief up on the menu and cost.

Someone to capture the moments
When traveling you want to capture those moments and make sure you remember where you took them, Camera+ geotags your pictures as and when you capture them.

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