Moving to a new apartment after a promotion | Entourage


When you work hard to excel at work, the results are inevitable sooner or later in the form of benefits and promotions. While benefits give you financial security, big promotions come with big responsibilities. Your boss may not elucidate you on this tiny fact but the increased number of work calls and early mails are sure to work as its harbinger! As the food chain runs deep, so does the chain of promotion, work and stress. The best way to cope with the growth pressure may be more productive management but the luxury of a comfortable apartment definitely helps.

As adventurous as it may have been to live with a roommate, yet after a tedious day at work, you will crave for an empty room in the luxury of a comfortable bed. Initially, you may not be able to afford an entire apartment to yourself but presenting yourself an entire room can also be a promising gift after your promotion. This would be good time to bid adieu to your bohemian lifestyle!

While an experimental lifestyle without an overhead may make for impressive experiences to be cherished at lesser happening periods of your life; they are not very sustainable for your health. Don’t reprimand your primal desires to lead a quality lifestyle, you deserve the comforts you work for.

Money crunch at the beginning of your career in a new city may have forced you to choose a mattress over a bed, leading to hard nights on the floor but this sleep arrangement is best dropped when the money starts being more friendly with you. A humble bed will not only gift you a good night’s sleep but also a rejuvenated zeal to tackle the files on your desk, the next day.

In the long run, the comfort of a bed and coffee machine coupled with a cozy work chair is what might boost your productivity and save you time. Consider this lifestyle upgrade an investment on yourself, sure to pay off in multiple ways in the future. Mundane tasks such as brewing your morning cup of coffee, seeing your clothes tumble in the washing machine always help in streamlining your thoughts in the serenity of your room/apartment. So go ahead and give yourself that boost, that’s what the good folks at Homigo are there for. Relocate all you wish, they’re with you.

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