Series marathon

Series marathons to wipe the blues

There always comes a few days in a month when your mind decides to delve in dark and worrisome thoughts like lizards falling from a ceiling. They scuttle and hustle around long enough to not make you hungry, feel sleepy and worry yourself to death if death were to come knocking that night. Under certain situations the mind tends to paint a situation in darker colours than it already is. You need not be a person suffering from depression to feel these, the blues bomb drops in without a siren most of the time because of our fast stressful lives with little or no time to reintegrate our self from the daily bruises we suffer. Sessions with therapists may be a better option if you are suffering from such bursts of depression and anxiety sporadically but for others who occasionally feel dimmed because of trivial reasons, I suggest a better therapy, a comedy series marathon.


Your pick for a series marathon to beat the blues need not necessarily be an unwatched series, it can also be a old one which never fails at making you giggle. Falling for a new series and vowing by it till the world’s end takes time while the comfort and familiarity of a known series relaxes your mind to a great extent and allows you to enjoy its bone tickling jokes to the fullest. Choose a series that totally encapsulates you making you forget your worries for a while. If you find yourself dictating the jokes beforehand and feeling yourself disconnected, I suggest you switch over to another episode where you have not learnt the script by heart.


A good hour or two of laughter and giggles from Sheldon Cooper and Chandler may not solve your problems at work or home but it surely will allow you to calm yourself and relieve yourself of the atrocious thoughts and imaginary outcomes our mind tends to build when under strenuous situations. Even short browsing through fan page videos of your favourite comedy shows at work can serve as faster ways of replenishing your energy level minus caffeine. The jolted levels of happy hormones are sure to change your mood. Just don’t let the boss catch you giggling at your screen with headphones on.


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