Sticking to a sleep deadline

Sticking to a sleep deadline

Life can get stressful and busy with its constant requirement of attendance at meetings, parties and social gatherings. Keeping up with these schedules makes us compromise on the most basic needs of our body like timely sleep. Present day lifestyle at times forces us to break from healthy hours of sleeping making us work till the wee hours of the night or to just lay awake on with our phones or tablets. Keeping a mental sleep deadline and an astute resolution to stick to it will make you compromise more on late night parties rather than your sleep.


Setting the deadline means being realistic and ambitious at the same time. You cannot expect to be in bed by 11PM like school days because our tiresome work lifestyle makes us snooze in the sofa as soon as we step inside our apartment. The power nap in your sweaty work clothes actually charges you up for the long wakeful hours at night. As tantalizing as it may be to gift yourself a nap for slugging through a tedious day at work, avoiding it will eventually lead to increased sleep quality at night.


So select an optimum hour for your sleep deadline. If 12 O’clock is too early for you try 1 PM. It may not be as late as 3 PM but is surely not too early. The calculation of complete 7 hours of sleep does not work as the Bible truth for all. We all like to spend an extra few minutes browsing through social media and our favourite apps on our beds. Allow yourself that pleasure by getting in bed with lights out thirty minutes ahead of your chosen deadline hour.


The human body has a natural alarm clock. Once you let your mind repeat your sleep deadline hour, it is bound to keep beeping in your mind until you turn your phone off and shut your eyelids. This natural clock can also be beneficial in making you leave your workplace on time so that you don’t miss your sleep deadline.


Maintaining our sleep cycle is possibly the most easiest way to keeping our bodies healthy and mind fresh so choose a controlled method of making yourself sleep on time to get more out of life.


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