Get a splash of art

Get a splash of art

When we think of art most of us consider it as unrelatable gibberish that goes beyond the comprehensive power of ordinary human beings. What we forget in this harrowed idea of art is that, art is what we make of it. Art is all around us and it just takes a while to open up to its prevalence in our daily life.


As we grow older, we lose our ability of expressing ourselves through art, except for a few who cling on to it. It is a primordial instinct in human beings to express ourselves through art but our present day lifestyle dictates that we let only a few hold the brush for us and express our thoughts. You may not be confident enough to hold the brush and paint to your heart’s content but you can surround yourself with art pieces that please and placate you. It can be anything from Van Gogh’s Scream to your favourite Metallica poster, if you feel content when you lay eyes upon it then chances are it will help you ease you.


In our present day world, illustrations are all over us. It is shared on every social media platform in the form of cartoons, video games and others. Chase a few on Instagram to get your daily dose of laughter and sarcasm. Memes don’t exactly cut the mark here. The platform is greatly contributed by cartoonists along with photographers. When we step in our apartment after a tedious day at work, there should be more for us to do than like other’s selfies on our feed. Spend a little time on finding your art preferences.


Artists all over the world are finding newer mediums to showcase and create their art. Be it a puddle in a cosmopolitan city or using barrels to spread the message of peace, they are unique and if you find them so, delve a little deeper and follow them, read them. Spend a little time studying the curious graffiti on the back wall of your favourite pub; it may have a story to tell. Keep your senses open to newer art discoveries for the interesting time that we live in allows everyone to express themselves and not just a chosen few.


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