List your sinful indulgences

List your sinful indulgences

The year is coming to a chilly end and most of us are wrapping our heads around Christmas and New Year ’s Eve celebration plans only to be felt nullified on the morning of the first day of the year when we wake up. This year break the usual train of thoughts on New Year and spend a little time on measuring how far you have made it instead of measuring how far you are left to go. Am not asking you to revel in deep contemplative thoughts instead just take stock of the things you have bought so far. In short feel pride in having been able to afford yourself as a consumer.


While you may not exactly be happy with the short lived fancy espresso machine you bought, you will be happy with the expensive watch you gifted yourself for no reason at all. You have taken a big step since your first Mickey Mouse watch given by a dear uncle; give yourself some credit for it. You always dreamed of closet full of shoes romanticized by films, this year you got a step closer to it with an indulgent pair of designer peep toes. Relish the fact that you bought it with your hard earned money and satisfied that small girl inside you wanted shoes like Barbie. Let her be happy awhile.


Selfish indulgences once in a while are key ways of reminding yourself you deserve it and that this is the reason you are working hard. Don’t feel guilty of falling a few paces behind on your pay check just because you took a memorable vacation, you can earn money later, not the memories.


Little indulgences show you how far you have come. Your evolution from your first cell phone to the grand one in your hand right now, are the silent reminders of how well you have done ever since your parents took off your training wheels. This New Year, do more than just vows for healthier diets, make a make a list of tiny indulgences for yourself to be fulfilled by the year end.


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