Living with a vegetarian

Living with a vegetarian

Life doesn’t always oscillate harmoniously, which is why tiny morsels of itches keeping dropping on your lap daily; living with a vegetarian can be one of that. As hinder some as the initial jargon may seem to you, there are peaceful ways of living with vegetarians and vice versa.


As easy as it may be to point out instances where it would have been easier to live with a meat loving flatmate, not doing so would probably make him/her less guilty of putting the simple task of ordering food through micro-hurdles. Accept the differences in food preferences and both of you will be at ease.


A person can opt for vegetarianism for several reason and you as a flatmate are expected to not wear the judge’s hat. Respect another person’s choice of meat or no meat, dissuading or persuading a person to go for meat or making fun of their purpose of choice are trivial and immature approaches. Respecting their wish will get you closer to understanding them and their purpose, maybe helping you find your own way!


If you are a vegetarian about to move in with a person of the opposite food preference then you need to mentally prepare yourself about how far you want to go with your vegetarianism. Situations will not always be the same as your home, and keeping an open mind will surpass the clashed choices easily. Open up about to how much are you willing to compromise, as this open mindedness works as a blessing for harmony.


It is best to realize that compromises have to be made, negotiating what you can push from the vegetarian side as well as what you will have to accept from the non-vegetarian side is advisable. An unwritten deal needs to exist on what type of meat and fishes can be cooked or be preferred to not be cooked.


Not every approach maybe doable, but changing the selection of fish for starter of the weekend party can be changed to chicken so as to avoid the repugnant smell. When cooking a common meal, try adding the meat or egg later.


Resilience on part of either, could lead to discomfiture on a day to day basis, which is why little compromises of letting him or her cook before you make your egg on the same pan will act as olive branches. Let the Doves chirp in peace and enjoy your own meals separately maybe!


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