Time management

Scavenging for reading time

There was a time when you voraciously digested two books in a day by skipping meals. Those school and college escapades may be gone now but the lingering thoughts you have when you see someone reading makes you nostalgic and jealous at the same time for not making enough out of the 24 hours given to you. You not making enough time for your books may be true but it is also true that you cannot have a reading session in bed when there is a meeting at 8 in the morning. So how do you scavenge for reading time?


You may initially think there is little or no space for you to devout time for reading in your tight work schedule except for weekends but a few tweaks in your daily social media habits are sure to render great results. Once we get consumed in the world of shared videos and articles it gets hard to get out of it. Occasional in-depth articles can be saved as links in your clipboard to be read later. Once you cut off the junk from your wall you will spare greater time on quality reading material. And yes you can live without seeing 21 epic fails at selfies.


Habit stacking or over laying a current habit with a new habit is taking people places. You may like to do simple chores like laundry and cooking alone but when you couple it with an audio book session, you have created 30 minutes of reading for yourself. You can easily replace your social media browsing session at breakfast with a book. These periods maybe short lived but their recurring nature in your daily routine is sure to make you reach the last page of the book without skipping.


Current trend dictates that a book need not necessarily be made of cellulose. You can carry a book in your cell phone or Kindle which means you can read anywhere and everywhere. We seldom makes use of this technological freedom because whenever waiting for our friends to get ready for a party our consciousness dictates us to browse through social media than read. You can also carry around a book everywhere. You may not be presented with an opportunity to read it but the guilt of not having read is sure to make you do so by cutting out on tv time and read.


Reading far and wide has got you here today, no reason why you should ever give it up. So pick a book that interests you and read no matter the time and space. Let the words take you to a different universe.


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