Wall decor ideas and tips

Effective use of wall space

When it comes to living alone, we all become lazy and unorganized at some point. It’s too much work to find a place for everything; however this problem has a very simple solution. Many underestimate the value of using your wall space properly. Not only does it make life easier by providing endless space for your stuff but it also helps in keeping the house clean. Now you won’t have to dig through a pile of clothes to find that one book you’ve been looking for!

Follow these tips to increase your floor space and organize your house in an interesting way.

Stick clipboard to the wall
This will help you keep all your notes and important documents in order. To make this process easier and more efficient you can also color coordinate them, according to work, grocery, chores etc.

Attach all electronics to the wall
You wouldn’t believe the amount of space various things like, wifi router, landline and other electronics can take. The floor space you’ll save from attaching these to the walls can be used for many more useful things.

Metal hooks are a God sent
These small hooks can handle enormous amount of weight and can be attached almost anywhere! The back of your room and bathroom are essentially places, but adding some next to the main door for your bags and keys is a good idea because living like a slob has it’s attraction but a little organization goes a long way!

One word – Strings
Strings are the most versatile things and are usable in a million ways. One of the most interesting way would be to hang a string across your room and clips memos, clothes, photos or literally anything you want with the help of wooden cloth pins. Not only does it add an interesting touch to your room, it helps you stay organized and efficient with your work/errands.

Substitute floor lamps
If you’re looking for extra lighting in your room, instead of using a floor lamp try sticking fairy lights to your wall. It adds a whimsical touch and can save so much floor space!


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