Alcohol limit

Getting the right alcohol

Throwing the right party requires a humble balance between right décor, food and alcohol. Alcohol in a way sets the mood of the party depending on the options you put up in the bar. It’s the social lubricant that ignites a crowd and brings cheer, openness, and conviviality. So popping the right selection of bottles will determine the success of your party. A clever selection on the basis of the type of guests and your social proximity to them should be your mental considerations when selecting the type of beverages you are going to serve.


For semi-formal event where you invite your boss and colleagues for a drink as a thank you for the promotion, chances are you might not want drunk people sprawling on your floor the next morning. So go easy on the alcohol content. While beer may be the choice of the hour, cocktails and white wine will increase the level of sophistication. Keep in mind that these are work friends and not necessary people you would share a close evening with. So maintain the distance with your choice of booze.


If it is someone special you are inviting over for drinks then depending on which stage of the relationship you are in, make a pick. If he or she is coming over for the first time then something as simple as gin and tonic should do. If you are heading for a second round then stick to plain old beer. If it is someone you have been dining with for a long time then nothing beats the intimacy shared between glasses of red wine.


For weekend parties to be spent hogging before the television for a sports match, nothing beats the loyalty of beer with friends. Keep a selection of beer ready for those inevitable bet drinking and anxious moments before the ball hits the goal post.


Whatever be the alcohol, it is important to keep in mind the occasion and the people you are sharing your bubbly with. Keep people sane and the fun starts with the pop of each bottle!


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