Making use of work commute | Entourage


A long commute can have a bothersome effect on our lifestyle as it results it vehemently reducing your time outside your work space. Increasing real estate prices close to work hubs mean more and more people are seeking rentals in suburbs leading to long commutes. The jarring psychological and physical effect of this rather necessary evil can be averted to an extent. While the tedious traffic may give you childlike cravings of being Superman and flying over the packed roads, there is little you can do to achieve that wish unless you invest on a jet pack. Here is a small list of things to do on road to make the journey bearable.

Pack a snack
Everyone wants to avoid those unnecessary calories post work hours so pack yourself a small snack like fruits or sandwiches. This will save you the money and calories of your post work hunger. Just control your craving of eating it midday.

Find a buddy
Whether you are driving to work or using public transport, a commute mate can reduce the stress. Plus the opportunity of idea exchanges when stuck at jam can be interesting. Even satirical autopsy of the government’s inadequacy counts.

A sedentary lifestyle does more harm than relaxing. If you are out of time for workouts then simply cycle a portion of your commute if not the entire length. Even walking a part of it helps.

Use your headphones
Devoting your work commute to listening to music helps relax your body. The genre and content of your music also determines your attitude for the day. So don’t rely on your radio station rather pack yourself a playlist for your commute much like a lunch.

If you find reading a book or Kindle on Indian roads difficult then switch to reading article on the internet. Save them on your phone when surfing social media and compile the articles for your commute.

Reply to personal messages
Making or receiving a call on noisy Indian roads can be difficult. But you can make use of your commute to reply to personal messages on your phone. Even an occasional Hi to your favourite cousin can kill time.

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