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When moving into your new Homigo home, one of the most exciting things to do has to be exploring and figuring out what all facilities and services the area has to offer. It’s quite an adventure, being in a new area just roaming the streets to locate various shops, restaurants and supermarkets to know where exactly you should go when a certain need arises. We hope to make the task of getting familiar with your new areas easier through this blog post.

HSR Layout is an area conveniently located in the South East side of Bangalore. It is a relatively new suburban location and hence hosts businesses and services sprouting out in every corner. There are many great options for various things such as shopping, eating and leisure activities. Here’s a list of the things we think you should see and do:

Laser Republic
As Barney Stinson would say, the place is Legend…wait for it…Dary! This gaming center is located right about McDonalds and offers simulators and air hockey. This activity is definitely an entertaining way to spend a few hours indoors considering Bangalore’s unpredictable weather.

Phone: +91 8095952250

Kimera Wellness Spa and Salon
One of the best way to relax is to treat your body and Kimera is one of the best places to do it. This newly opened unisex Spa and Salon delivers you the epitome of relaxation and the staff here offers amazing service. They offer all kinds of services from haircuts to massages. Appointment recommended.

Phone : +(91)-80-25727444, +(91)-9740538447

HSR Club
Being a part of your neighborhood club provides a sense of belonging and unity, and being a part of HSR club is a great way to keep active during your weekends and getting to know the people around you. This club offers a pool, sports, a gym, a party hall and much more.

Website :
Phone : +91-80-25723927

Cream Stone
A late night ice cream parlour is definitely one of the highlights of this area. Located on 17th Main Road Cream Stone incorporates an interesting live counter concept of serving ice cream and is open till 1 Am to curb all your midnight hunger pangs. Their Karamal Sutra and Willy Wonka flavours are a must try.

Phone : +(91)-8553666666

Napoli – Fine Dining Italian Restaurant
The area is surrounded by local and international fast food chains but if you’re looking for some good food, great ambience and some awesome tasting wine, then this is definitely a restaurant to check out. This food joint is located right about CCD on 27th Main Road.

Phone : 080 22580999, +(91)-9343011648

Shopping Therapy
Who needs Times Square when you’ve got HSR’s very own 27th Main Road. From Puma to Titan, this stretch of road has almost every brand imaginable. It’s even got a variety of interesting street food options to give you a boost during your shopping spree.

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