Decor tips and tricks

Your decor, your story

Modern homes with minimalist furniture and fewer décor items for display may be the trend of the era but for me they have always felt cold and distant with little revelation about the owner. Every single item has a story to say, an idea as to why it was picked over hundreds of options provided to the owner. Your décor items speak of you; don’t miss out on this important way of saying your story with décor items.


Saying our story from the side of our origin goes a long way in defining who we are. A phulkari made by your grandmother may be of little worth to the world but when framed and hung as a mantel piece in your drawing room, it is sure to start conversations. Being able to blend traditional elements in your décor is what gives you a maestro’s touch.


As much as traditional elements from home may give an identity in a faraway city. Disregarding the essence of the local elements would only make you look like a displaced person working in an unknown land. Gentle touches of a few local elements add to your show of appreciation and respect of the new city you have now made your home. A traditional brass lamp of Nataraja, typical of South Indian homes can be easily used in the offset of your other décor elements.


If you are a lover of flower in homes then try using local flowers for their ethnic look. Orchids, roses are too main stream. If you want to pluck a real chord with your decorations for the weekend dinner then use local flowers smartly. Fresh Juhi and Jasmine when used in separate rooms, will light up more than just your lungs with their earthy smell. Hang around the local flower market. It’s a treat for your senses.


India being a widely diverse country has its ethnicity differing from one state to another. Local utensils in traditional materials such as brass can make a marked difference for your dinner table décor. Brass was widely used all over India for Kitchen tools but its design varies greatly from one place to another. So make use of that vagrancy.


Infusing cultural elements elegantly in your home décor gives it a witted appearance over the ‘traditional’ interior décor magazine homes.


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