Indoor plants

Adding a touch of green

Adding a touch of green to apartments has become quite a favourite amongst interior decorators to send an environmental friendly message through home décor. However, for people living in rented apartments, there is little aesthetic attached to planting a plant in a the tiny balcony. For those people it is more about the pleasure of seeing one of nature’s miracle unfold in a tiny can with little water and sunshine. Tiny plants in homes hold different memories for all. So when you are living alone do not wait to get your own place to plant a seed.


You may not have been born with green fingers or been surrounded by parents or relatives who spent their entire life nourishing potted plants; but the experience of seeing the first plumes from the mustard seed of your science experiment was probably the highest degree of pleasure you got at the age of eight. So why take away that sense of fulfilment in your twenties when you are tasting independence for the first time away from home. Plant a few seeds on the tiny balcony or on the sunny window sill and see it grow.


The list of ingredients for growing a plant is not long, it mainly consists of a few common place items which come for free. If you want to add a touch of contemporary style to your plant then try growing it in the beer can you have been meaning to throw away since last week.


Decide on a plant depending on how much space and time you can allot to it. If you are not looking for anything fancy but just a bunch of green leaves then your kindergarten mustard seed experiment will work, but only for a few weeks. If you are looking for something more long lasting then go to a nursery and buy something simple which will require minimal attention but will give you the pleasure of watching it grow while you sip your coffee.


Once you fall in love with your hand grown greens, try incorporating them in your décor. Having multiple potted plants around your house can bring down the temperature to an extent. So give your green fingers a chance and let them bloom in your life.


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