Summer fashion

Colour coding for summer

Summer is here and so is its scorching heat. Summer comes with the special garb of laziness while keeping you awake under its eye squinting bright sun. The special garb makes you sceptic over every plan to step out of your house. No matter where you go, summer gives you the impression of your home being the coolest place to live. No matter the great repulsive force you feel against stepping out in the sun, wearing a few smart Sun friendly garments will keep the sweat and perspiration at bay.


Colour coding for the summer is the ultimate way to beat the heat. Dark colours or black clothes shout be an absolute omission from your summer wardrobe. Embrace whites during day and you will curse heat less.


Summer is the official season for wearing shorts so make sure you get them out for the season for day wears as well as casual parties. While white shorts for both men and women are a classic, you can also opt for pastel or light neon shades if you feel adventurous.


Formal suits for summers are a dreaded corporate punishment; nevertheless it has to be donned. While there is little you can do about cuts of your suit, you can opt for lighter shades like white or beige while pairing it with linen or cotton. Cotton, much like mango is a must for summer!


Give your jeans a break this summer and embrace lighter fabrics like chinos. This super breathable material is the perfect pick for Indian summers allowing your legs to breathe. Chinos for both women and men hold an easy transition formula from formals to casuals. So pick lighter shades and you will never want to slip into a pair of jeans until the monsoon clouds grey the horizon.


The fun side to dressing for summer is the accessories it allows you to don. Pull out your scarves and caps and use them to keep the hot sun off your face. Play with prints and colours of scarves and you have an eye feasting ensemble. Flaunt your support for favourite sports team with a cap and summer will shy away from shining too bright.


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