Work pet balance

Work – Pet balance

Life demands balance from all sectors, as a son, sister, boyfriend, employee, boss etc. While keeping all the balls in the air requires balance and concentration, adding another ball in the form of a pet in your life also means you need to juggle that cute fur ball with caution and concentration. The semblance of life as a pet owner goes beyond the cute videos you see on social media.


If you are first time pet owner, it is always advisable to chalk out the amount of time and money you are willing to spend on your pet. Choose a breed or species accordingly. If you are doing it for the first time alone then be aware that it won’t be the same as having family around to help you. Your pet is a living being and will require more attention than just food and water. Allot a few minutes daily after returning home to combing his or her fur. While it’s a no-brainer and non time consuming task, it does provide bonding time.


Tiny time investments in training your dog or cat go a long way in making life easy for you. You cannot stay back at home the entire day to teach your furry friend his or her poop region in home but you can try to pick the kitten or pup to the litter area whenever you are at home. Doing it persistently creates an understanding.


As a dog owner be sure to check the breed compatibility with your life style. If you like to run after or before work but don’t have a companion then an active dog can be feasible. The same however might be a disaster if you land up with a GSD for your love-my-couch attitude.


Pets tend to get anxious when left alone for long hours. Try not to extend your stay away from home for more than 9 hours on weekdays. It is advisable to exercise them before you leave for work so that they are tired and can sleep for a part of their time alone. Keep plenty of play toys around so that they have enough entertainment.


It is hard for every pet parent to leave their fur balls at home alone but experts suggest you ignore your pets 10 minutes before leaving for work and do the same when you return home. Doing so helps maintain an attention balance and stops them from holding high attention expectation from you.


While keeping your pet happy may not be a mammoth task, for him it is the task of highest priority so don’t scold or scuff for too long, enjoy their goodness in your life as it has the power to appease you even when everything else falls out of balance.


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