Working late at night

Working late at night

Work has the ability to keep you up at night, be it working late at your office or just grey thoughts keeping your sunny sleep away, whatever be it, we have all had to burn the midnight oil to make ends meet at our workplace the next day. While doing it regularly can become an absolute health hazard, doing it sometimes becomes necessary to save your career. There may not always be safe ways to omit late work nights but there a few smart tricks to make sure you stay up late to give a productive output while keeping sleep and tiredness at bay.


If you plan on pulling an all-nighter then be sure to have a nap before you start working. Your refreshed energy level after the nap is sure to keep your eyelids apart a few more hours. Keep in mind the fact that you need to have significant output while being awake which requires being awake mentally and physically unless you are doing no-brainer work. The pre-nap helps to renew your vigour.


Light exposure plays an important hand in dictating your body clock. Strong light gives your body the idea of daylight keeping you awake. So light up your work room in strong flat lights for your all-nighter.


Breaks are an important way of punctuating your late night work while refilling your energy levels actively. Get away from your desk when taking a break and try to leave your thoughts of work at the desk for the next 10-15 minutes. Snacking might be the first idea for a break but do make sure it is healthy snacking regardless of whether you eat at 3 a.m. or 5 a.m. If you are reaching for caffeine which may be a necessity given the daunting task of staying awake; do so measurably. Strolls in your balcony in the night air even for a few minutes can resuscitate your energy. Nature can act as a balm for your nervous thoughts of next day’s project.


Even if it’s an all-nighter, you have to sleep at some point being a human. 4-5 a.m. is when the human body craves sleep the most and probably the best time to shut down your station. Be sure to catch some sleep before dawn so as to maintain your body clock.


If Mother Nature does make a strong call when you are working, relax and set a strong early morning alarm! Every dedicated person needs sleep.


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