Freezer stock list for summer | Entourage


Summer is here with its splintering heat and hot breezes to drain you both day and night and make you wish for a visa to the North Pole. While the hypothetical visa may be a far fetched dream; at desperate times you may turn to your refrigerator for some cool relief. Nothing beats standing in front of this magic gadget during summers regardless of whether you do it at ten or twenty five. While standing before the refrigerator may be of some relief, the best way to keep your cool on summer is to ensure you eat right and have the exact body cooling reagents when you come home from work. Here is a list of a few summer pro items to stock in your freezer this summer.

Yogurt/ raita
This old school food item is the best coolant for Indian summers. Make sure you are well stocked with yogurt. You can add it to both dinners and lunch. Even if you are not up for having any food, use it as a dip with bread and you have a simple cool meal for you.

Summer come with a wide platter of fruits, while you may not enjoy all of them, keeping a few staples in your fridge like cucumbers and watermelons would mean you have something cool to suck during summer afternoons.

Fruit juices
Chilled fluids are the best way of cooling so stack your fridge with them. You can even carry small cartons to work in cases of dehydration. It doesn’t matter which juice it is, even Frooti counts!

Ice cream
The best part of summers is gorgeous spoons of ice cream and no reason why you shouldn’t relish on them to keep the heat off. Let go of the worrisome calories counter and stack your favourite flavours.

The king of fruits is also the best part of summer, mangoes are the essential fun part of summer you cannot miss. So no matter where you are do not give these golden joy a miss.

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