Trying out a new cuisine

Getting used to a new cuisine

Work and life takes us to new places and introduces us to new people and culture we would have never imagined to come across. Sometimes the drastic change of a new culture takes time to set in. Adjusting to a new cuisine becomes one of the hardest adaptations to make when in a new place. Replications of food even in metropolitan cities can be deceptive; you may crave spicy pav bhaji in the streets of Chennai and end up being plated bhaji garnished with curry leaves. Does this mean you give up snacking from roadside stalls?


A new culture comes with its own cuisine which may take time to get used to. Instead of hogging on the nearest KFC or McDonalds outlet try incorporating one item at a time in your meal. You may start by replacing sandwich with idli vada or Coke with chaos.


Trying a new cuisine means renewing your food habits and your body may not be able to get accustomed to that at one go. So give it time and patience. Pack in on antacids or you can go back to your mom’s guru’s digestive powder. Anything that eases the process is welcomed.


Exploration is key to discovering local cuisine in any given city. The restaurant next to your work may not make the best appam but a tiny place elsewhere may suit you better. Try eating in new places every time you ditch the canteen food.


When eating in a local place, notice what type of food people around you order and in what combination. Pointing at the menu without knowing what the food comprises of can be a dangerous endeavour. Also notice what people are eating at what point of the day, you don’t want to end up with a breakfast dish for dinner.


Time heals all, in this case, time will suit it for all. Don’t give up on a local cuisine based on the first judgement passed by your taste buds. Give it time and keep exploring.


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