Storing vegetables right

Storing veggies right

It’s 9 pm and you muster some energy to cook for yourself after a long day at office. It is Thursday but you remember picking up broccoli and mushroom from the neighbourhood grocery shop on Sunday. You had diligently shoved them into the refrigerator and knew the machine would work it’s cold magic. You open the door and check the vegetables. The broccoli seems to have got yellow blossoms on its green cover and the button mushrooms have turned soggy and brown. What went wrong? Was the temperature not turned up? You wonder these thoughts while deciding on which take away restaurant to call.


Vegetables are perishable goods hence require special effort when intended to be stored for long. It is important to remember that each vegetable needs to be stored differently if you want to save yourself from the pain of running to the grocery shop mid-week.


If you are a lover of fresh seasonings then you are sure to purchase basil, parsley and coriander. These soft herbs are ideally not meant for storage but not many of us have the privilege of growing them in our back terrace. Cut the stems halfway and place them in a glass of water. Cover them with an open zip lock and place them in middle rack of your refrigerator.


Carrot, bell pepper, beetroot, leek etc can be covered in plastic bags with little air in them. The stored air keeps them fresh. Cucumber, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage should be plastic wrapped. However, when it comes to apples and lemons, it is best to store them unwrapped.


Place potato, garlic and onion in dark places preferably inside a cupboard without a cover. Keeping them away from light ensures they do not synthesize and grow sprouts.


While these may read like extra energy spent compared to ordering a salad, the added effort can in fact help you save a few bucks while making sure you don’t grab a burger in the evening. Rather a packed fridge will ensure that you make an effort to add a few pieces of carrot to your Maggi.


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