Leather products care

Tips for taking care of leather

We all own leather bags and jackets we hope will last us a lifetime. While leather does have the ability to retain its strength for a really long time, it is not immortal. You may have bought your leather jacket on a vacation stint and fell for its its charisma when you tried it on. You wore few times once you returned to the city and the heat of the place only increased the distance between you. Ever wondered what happened to the leather jacket? When you take it out of the wardrobe after a year, its charisma has diminished just like your zeal to wear it for your date that night. So what went wrong? Did the seller cheat you of your money?


Leather is primarily skin whose ageing has been stopped with chemical treatment but that does not mean it will never age. Patina or the wear and tear that comes with ageing of leather however can be slowed down with care. A few smart moves and your leather will shine bright.


If your leather product gets wet due to sudden monsoon then make sure you dry it slowly in room temperature sans hair-dryers. It may take a tad bit longer to dry but this ensures longevity of the product. When you hang it, make sure it is not crumpled as leather when wet, tends to take the shape of the position it is left in.


The best way to keep your leather looking young is to keep moisturizing it occasionally with polishes and oils recommended by the seller. Not all leather requires the same type of nourishment so do be specific.


Leather stretches with time. It never resumes its original shape so keep it in mind when you keep stuff your wallet with useless bills which you never throw away. While out stretched leather looks vintage, breaks on the surface can make it look ugly.


The best way to take care of leather is to use them often so that they never feel left out!


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