Carrying something old to a new city

Carrying something old to a new city

Moving to a new city away from the comforts of your home for the first time is stepping into nervous waters. We all share our own package of anxieties and presumptions while making this transition. Doing it is not an easy job yet it has to be done at some point of our lives. Shifting every single element that makes up our home for us to a new apartment in a new city may not be possible yet; shipping a few articles that we hold dearly can spread the essence of home for you. Be it your teddy bear printed soap case or your snugly old red shawl reserved for winter nights, these are what builds a home away from home.


A new city means more than just new people and place, it also means new food. If you are shifting to a city with a dramatically different cultural set up than your hometown then be prepared to feel the impact on your platter as well. While the McDonald’s and KFC outlets may serve the same food, regular lunch and dinner will be different. Keeping stock of storable food in the form of food backup can make the transition easy for your taste bud. Your favourite chutney or sauce can play a big hand in making the foreign food gulp-able, so when your mom offers to pack in these home savouries, do not resist.


Internet connections have become as important as oxygen for us to function, while you may not have the home luxury of a WiFi as soon as you receive your apartment ensuring you have good internet connection on your phone can make you more at ease.


Comfort should triumph over luxury or necessity when you are setting up your life in a new city. Carry that tiny scented candle you never lit but occasionally smelled to ease yourself; it’s tiny case can snuggle in between your clothes. Try to add in old elements in your new life in bits and pieces of nostalgia and comfort. When in a new city, you are bound to fill your life with new people and things, yet carrying a few old articles that bring your soul comfort amidst the fast changing landscape in a new city can be a special and seamless way of welcoming your new life.


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