Simple hacks to control sleep

Controlling your sleep

Sleep, one of the greatest joys created by God can often lead to man’s downfall itself unless controlled and administered in healthy doses. While all of us love to hit the snooze button and wish the sun never rises on the horizon when we hit the bed every night, reality calls for a different tale where this essential luxury of life has to be shortened for you to succeed in life. Here are a few smart tips to help you control your sleep so that you sleep best giving your body, mind a soul a well deserved sleep without overdoing it.


When travelling to or from a different time zone, our body clock loses its control and gets haywire resulting in reduced productivity and an acute desire to sleep. Very few people have the liberty to sleep off their jet lag, others struggle though lugging hours at office meetings and homes. Skipping a few meals however can help you to reset your body clock. Whenever you take a heavy breakfast by skipping dinner, your body understands that it is the start of the day and resets itself accordingly.


If you suffer from bad dreams or nightmares and are often unable to have a good night’s sleep then try changing your sleep position. If you generally prefer to turn to your left side then try the opposite direction for some days. Research suggests that sleeping on your right side generally leads to better dreams and therefore a better sleep.


Wise people have always suggested that the more we shorten our pleasurable experiences, the better they get. Napping too can be dictated by this rule as scientist suggest that naps should never be elongated to hour long sleeps as they tend to break our body cycle. Shorter naps on the other hand actually play a hand in increasing your productivity in the middle of the day.


For those who struggle to devour nature’s greatest gift, sleep, just find the fluffiest pillow and sink into its wholesomeness by putting on some white music.


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