Easy summer drinks

Easy summer drinks

Summers require high levels of coolants in your body for you to beat the sun. While water may be your usual go to option, trying on juices and smoothies for the summer will ensure a blast of taste and health for you. Summer drinks make your summers cooler with their added fun of season special fruits. These go to drinks make them easier to make while you are hurrying to attend the early morning presentation. Here is a list of easy to assemble smoothies for you to beat the scorching summer with an edge.


Incorporating the king of fruits in every meal and snack is a hobby every Indian harbours through the summer. Hence, no reason why you shouldn’t make this miraculous summer creation your fun drink via a smoothies. Add in all your sensual add-ons like oreos or bourbon to make it the envy of others.


A smoothie is your best option for summer if you want to skip a heavy meal without hunger plaguing you. A heavy smoothie ensures you stay filled up with the goodness of fruits. A banana smoothie is your easiest bid to clean out over ripe bananas lying around while making it a yummy substitute for lunch.


A smarter and healthier alternative to water in summer is watermelon. These juicy succulents are filled with antioxidants which flush away harmful oxidants in your system. Though not an appetizing fruit juice, you can spike your juice with alcohol to make a cool slushy to be had by the pool.


Frozen yogurt is fast replacing ice cream for calorie conscious human beings with their cool appetizing fruit flavours. Though strictly not meant for people with sweet tooth, a yogurt smoothie is your ultimate option for summer afternoons when the sun lashes its heat at you.


Smoothie and slushy are relatively western drinks. If you are craving for your mom’s cooling summer drink then go for more traditional variants like lassi and chaas or even aam panna. While you may not be able to make them at home and be forced to opt for chemical added preservatives for the green mango flavor, these packets of desi drinks do help you to dare the heat bravely with your system cooled.


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