Personal happiness

Decision making for personal happiness

Decision making in life is a life skill rarely taught by our parents, teachers and professors, yet it is this venerable skills that ensures we sail or drown in life. While the early score of our life is more or less decided by our parents in terms of schools, colleges and area of education, taking decision in quarter life mostly depends on us when we have spread wide the wings of independence for the first time. It is during this period that our training wheels come off and we face life without our fathers or mothers holding the back seat of the cycle. Quarter life decisions range widely starting from which job to take up, to questions of dumping or saving your college love, to choosing a roommate to live with; naming these is exemplifying a few of those decisions.


While there are no ground rule or blueprint to follow while deciding on these sectors, there generally exists two fundamental paths, intuitive or analytical, the former being largely followed by various governments of the country. Some of the most basic decision making we are all faced with when living alone initially, is how much to spend on our lives to make it comfortable. Amongst the list exists cases ranging from cab fares for emergency days to buying presents for your girlfriend or boyfriend to whether or not you want to indulge on a coffee machine. While decisions for the former cases affect your work and love life, the last one affects you and whether or not the first sniffs of coffee brewed by a machine pleases you more in the morning than making it over stove.


We most often ignore these decisions pertaining to personal memorandum. The play station you had been craving since your childhood could not be afforded by your parents as they chose to invest on your school and college. The question that arises now is whether or not you want to gift your 15 year old self the PlayStation which you can now afford. Your analytical thinking may dictate you to consider the fact that you will barely get time to play as the Nintendo you play with leaves its cupboard only when you are travelling. Your intuitive self will try to argue to please your younger self.


While there are no proper way to make these self indulgent decision, as delirious as it may be to decide upon them, it should be done and done so keeping your personal happiness in mind.


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