Side project

Side projects to keep you chugging

When life starts processing its grinding machine, there is little we can do outside its grind yet finding our own recluse amidst the grinding pressure also depends on us. Side projects are an easy way of keeping our flames alive. Be it photography, pottery or web designing, whatever be it, do it in your spare time. Even learning something new to keep your grey cells chugging will add vigour and vitality to your personality.


Great things like Gmail, Uber started out as side projects before being developed into revolutionary services of the century. Your side projects need not necessarily be cut out to be made great, they can be simple things you derive great pleasure from and which ultimately result in creation of something. Once we go back to the basic principle of life, that is, creating with our own hands, the satisfaction and pleasure derived from it has substantial placation for our stressed nerves.


Having side projects outside products makes you doubly productive as it is an innovative way to grow, excel and improve. Research has also found individuals who actively keep side projects running, to be happier, healthier and more productive.


Your side projects need to necessarily be worked on everyday but should devote some of your time on a weekly basis. Be it blogging, creating art or learning something new like language or dance it should have a regular rhythm.


The difference between a side project and work projects depends primarily on the fact that a side project is your personal investment therefore you can set your own goals and timelines leaving you with no added stresses. It is more of a labour of love and your own creation.


For most millennials, recreation has ended up being a passive activity like going to movies, shopping or just embracing the couch. Having a side project will ensure you lead a more productive and active life both physically and mentally.


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