Sharing your bathroom essentials | Entourage


Living with a roommate means sharing everything from food, clothes to bathroom, doing this at times may lead to discrepancies and misunderstanding of sorts starting from your personal life to your personal hygiene. A bathroom is the only place in your apartment when you are without clothes with ease so naturally setting the right boundaries when sharing your bathroom equates to you drawing your limits of sharing your most intimate objects.

The foremost rule to sharing a bathroom is setting boundaries. Sharing is loving may be true for other arenas of life but it is best to skip that philosophy when lending personal items like bathing soap or towel. Sharing these can lead to transfer of diseases as they are breeding grounds of bacteria. While a shower gels can be exchanged given their no-touch dispensing method; it’s best to ensure that, as roommates you have separate sets of towels. Be clear about what can and cannot be shared.

Sharing a bathroom means it may not be available to you at all times. Thus it is best to have a schedule based on office timings and your urgency to leave early. If you are to leave early for an interview or a meeting, make sure you communicate the time by which you need the bathroom. Discussing little details can make all the difference between reaching on time and banging the door till your roommate finally has mercy on your bladder.

Cosmetics can also be breeding grounds for germs and bacteria as their soft moist surface makes up for optimum conditions of growth. Eye cosmetics too hold the threat of passing on conjunctivitis. It’s best to let your roommate use your lipsticks once in awhile making sure you store them away from a place of common access.

Sharing a bathroom should also come with rules of sharing the duty of cleaning it. The errand when done weekly reaps the best results. You can go beyond cleaning just the wash basin and the toilet seat by occasionally throwing in the shower curtain in the washer along with wiping the walls with disinfectants. Even cleaning the drains and removing clogged hair contributes to bathroom hygiene.

There may be endless ways of ensuring seamless bathroom sharing between roommates but the best policy is to hold your patience when he or she forgets to put the cap on the toothpaste tube!

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