Unisex bathroom cabinet essentials | Entourage


Our personal items of daily use make our lives comfortable. Be it your favourite flavor of toothpaste or the rose scented soap bar you can’t live without. It’s the presence or absence of these items that make or break your spell at home or wherever you are living. On moving to a new apartment or city, these items of your toiletries are what you seek. The pantry of these items, the bathroom cabinet is often an undermined cabinet which is rarely cleaned of its unwanted or unused objects. Here is a short list of bathroom cabinets essentials to add to your list of personal favourites.

These are a must have for your weekend face cleaning ritual as they are the absolutes when it comes to thoroughly cleaning your face and body. If you suffer from dry skin then opt for natural lentil based scrubbers which are relatively more easy on skin.

Rejuvenating Moisturizer
Moisturizers are always coupled with scrubbers but they go beyond being the balm after the scrubbing. A night time moisturizer is the ultimate skin rejuvenator if you are not inclined towards moisturizing your face during day.

Strong Sunscreen
This 21st century necessity has moved from becoming a cosmetic product to a survival necessity for both men and women. If you spend your day out in the sun then opt for higher SPF’s to keep the tan and harmful UV rays at bay.

A dependable razor
Another must have product for all, the razor is both a necessary and accessory for both sexes. A handy razor when punctually stacked makes all the difference between getting the right trim and being able to wear a skirt.

A frothy shampoo
These bubbly hair cleaners are what makes or breaks a good hair day. Make sure you stock them well in advance. You can never have enough shampoo in your cabinet.

Another unisex cabinet essential, a condom is undoubtedly the bathroom essential. While you may debate between keeping it in your bedroom closet or the bathroom cabinet, keeping a condom is a must for all.

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