Hidden costs of pet ownership

Remember those feelings of hopelessness when your parents refused to allow you a pet, when you turn independent with a place of your own, you finally get to fulfil your dream of owning a pet. Be it a dog, cat, fish or a rat, they all bring us joy at the end of the day. However, often in our enthusiasm, we overlook the costs comes with a pet. It is important that you make a list of the costs before you make a decision. It is better to not have a Frido than to have a sad unkempt Frido.

You need to check pet policies for your rented apartment before you get one. Most of them have stringent policies which do not allow pets but few may come with surcharges and damage coverage costs. It is best to be informed beforehand.

If you are intent on buying a certain breed of dog or cat, then they come at their own prices. If it’s a loving heart and four furry legs you are looking forward to then check a local shelter and you will die deciding. You can also check for puppies up for free adoptions at the vet.

As soon as you get a dog there are certain necessities you will have to tend to like leash, collar, cages, tags, microchip, toys and the list goes on. Even food comes at a cost but you can train them on home cooked food too.

If you are unable or inexperienced to train your dog then it is best to invest on his training for social behaviour if not for dog show tricks. Basic training goes a long way in ensuring he does not unnecessarily dirty the house or cause distress to you.

Grooming too is an essential part of any pet starting from nail cutting to shaving fur; they ensure your pet’s well being and needs to be invested on from time to time. While some breeds require minimal grooming, others need it periodically.

Vet care bills are another prospect of pet ownership that grows with time. The older your pet gets, longer will be the bill.

Ensure you have enough coverage from your salary to cover every aspect of your pet’s well being before you decide to add another member to your life.

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