Take a solo trip

Solo trip bliss

Every once in awhile our hearts call out for the need to step out of our noisy lives and solitude to pacify the overworked nerves and thoughts. When you get such a calling, it is best to give yourself a break from the people you see and meet in your life daily; both at work and play. So find out the next long weekend on your calendar and plan a solo trip to relieve yourself of all social binding into gift yourself a vacation where only you count.

Choosing a place for your solo trip is probably the best part. You can just pack your bags and leave at the drop of a coin to a destination you always wanted to go to but didn’t because your friends preferred beaches over hills. Not being answerable to anyone is the best part of this form of travelling. You need not consider opinions of other on whether or not waking up at 5 O’clock is too early to catch the sunrise. The independence of decision making starting from which place to stay to where to have dinner, gives you a feeling of reclaiming your life which we often lose amidst calls of deadlines.

A solo trip allows you the freedom to observe people and culture by turning yourself invisible. You may sit by a bistro with a bottle of beer and watch the town or clouds pass by. It also allows you the freedom to meet and talk to locals freely.

While solo traveling also comes with its irks like restrictions of movement in terms of safety measures, undivided expenses when hiring private vehicles, a new culture which may or may not be intimidated or repelled by you. While these thoughts forever loom in the mind of every solo traveler, it seldom stops them from exploring the unknown in the bliss of solitude with little care of the world.

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