Benefits of shopping local

Benefits of shopping local

For all those times you savoured the air conditioned aisles of your departmental store for remaining open at 11pm, little did you wonder about the health effects of purchasing cabbage at the end of the day. While these vegetables sit shiny and bright under the bright lights, they are far removed from the original food you are expected to eat. Here are some benefits of going local with your veggies and fruits.

Since there is a small time between the farm and your kitchen when it comes to locally bought ingredients, your fruits and vegetable tend to remain fresh thereby allowing you to enjoy their full benefits. Mushrooms are the best example of such products. While potatoes and onions have longer shelf life, perishable food items are best bought local.
Local food is generally naturally ripened over a longer period of time as it doesn’t have to travel longer. If you care consciously about the environment, then you can breathe easy as locally bought goods help you to reduce your carbon footprint thereby adding another aspect to your life where you can go green.

When you shop local, only seasonally grown items are available to you thereby contributing towards keeping your diet healthy all year round. Unlike departmental stores which tend to sell items stored in cold storage’s, your local community can supply fresher food.

The best part of buying local is keeping your local community alive. When you buy local you help the local farmers and store owners survive. The mere act of coming across neighbours and locals keeps the feeling of community living alive.

Going local doesn’t just include buying your grocery locally; purchasing your essentials from a general store also goes a long way in contributing towards the economy of the community. Unless it’s a rare dressing you want for your salad, stick to your general store which, in time, you will discover is itself a vast reservoir of items your may often not find in department store aisles.

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