Home food vs eating outside

Eating home over social eating in restaurants

In our fast paced lifestyles we often head over to a restaurant for food over making the effort to cook it ourselves. While social eating has become the norm for cosmopolitan centers in India, the benefits of home cooking is often undervalued by people living alone away from family. Regardless of whether you head to a restaurant for snacks or salads, regular eating outside can have serious consequences on your health. Listed below is a quick run up of the benefits of eating hone.

No matter how healthy a restaurant may proclaim to be, it can create serious havoc to your diet. You may consciously be avoiding carbohydrates while placing the order but the increased levels of oil and spice make sure your bad intakes are compensated for.
Cooking being an art in itself helps you to acquire knowledge of a different dimension. You may not be a pro at the very beginning but the art form is very forgiving thus allowing you to go back and pick up on that burnt dal recipe again till you perfect it. Shared recipes are a great way of starting conversation apart from the boring weather and work reports.

When inviting guests over for your cookout over meetups in restaurant, there is little worry over proportions as your will know for sure that you have fed your guests a healthy proportion of your cooking unlike restaurant servings which can get stingy with their quantities at times.

While the common phrase says that a family that eats together, stays together; it can also be turned around to say a family that cooks together, stays together. Helping each other in the kitchen even in the smallest way can strengthen bonds. Be it shelling peas or sautéing the onions, every bit counts when it is done over conversations and laughter.
Apart from health benefits, eating at home also helps you save money. You will be surprised at how much you can save when you restrict your number of eat outs. Instead of paying taxes at a theme restaurant, you could have theme based cooking at home when your friends come over. It will save both money and your diet.

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