benefits of selfie

The equation of mirrors and selfies

Very often a selfie is seen as a derogatory way of portraying yourself and your life on social media, but it is often debated that a selfie is a way of letting yourself know you are beautiful and that you deserve to be photographed. However, if you plan on posting your selfies on social media make sure you do not cross the threshold of more than one a day. How we take selfies is as much as important as when we take a selfie. The best way to get a gorgeous picture of yourself sans the help of others is with mirrors. When you have ample mirrors strategically placed around your house, you are bound to get the right light and angle with a selfie mirror.

A selfie at any point of the day helps you to boost your confidence. Although a rather millennial method of doing so, a well placed selfie mirror can help when life makes you walk through the dark gallows. A selfie mirror is the prop that makes you take pretty pictures of yourself.

A mirror’s great power of reflection means it can brighten up your house in more ways than one. If you can light up your apartment by making a show of light between mirror and sunlight, your power bills are bound to go down. Every selfie looks great when taken in a well lit place. Imagine all the groupies you will be able to take now without having to huddle near one source of light.

Mirrors have the ability to add space to your apartment. With the added reflected natural light and space, it gives the illusion of a bigger apartment making it perfect for you to click a selfie.
Mirrors form interesting pieces of décor when placed smartly around the house. The frame of a mirror also adds interesting character to it making it conversation starters.

So let your apartments breathe with mirrors. And admire yourself a few more time during the day every time you walk across them in your own apartment.

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